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by Rasha on Jan 22 2020 10:52

Floradoor is a top notch, super VIP service. I made an order, I needed some changes, all via WhatsUp the Floradoor team was supportive and helpful, and Mostafa at Floradoor just delivered that extra VIP quality service. Being outside Egypt, Mostafa’s handling of the order was reassuring and the flower arrangement for my mom was BEAUTIFUL & it was delivered at the perfect time. Floradoor team provide exceptional, trustworthy, quality service in Egypt, no matter where you are in the world. I’ve just made my second order now! Thank you Floradoor!

by Mohamed AbdulWahab on Jan 21 2020 18:11

Actually 7 stars service. Very polite team, so professional and helpful. I highly recommend this company for anyone needs high level of quality service in Egypt. Thanks floradoor

by Khaled on Jan 20 2020 17:43

Very nice flowers and practical services

by Afifah on Jan 16 2020 11:11

The best and good service...very trusted and im really suggest this florist to all..keep it up

by Mahmoud Eissa on Jan 9 2020 12:14

Serv8ce was quick and very professional

by Adil on Jan 4 2020 18:37

Best place to order flowers in Egypt! Great service, on-time delivery, beautiful flowers. Thanks a lot!

by Shaw on Jan 4 2020 14:46

Ordered flowers for next day delivery to Alexandria for my fathers birthday. Flowers came out BEAUTIFUL and my father loved them. Mostafa, sent me a message on WhatsApp with a picture of the flowers before they went out. Very very professional business. 5 stars!

by 654765 on Jan 4 2020 14:08

Awesome place and perfect choice for your gift in addition helpful customer service and on time delivery really amazing .

by reviewer18346506 on Dec 31 2019 13:59

Outstanding in everything. Keep up the good work!

by Chelo on Dec 31 2019 07:01

Very polite and efficient service, best option to order flowers online in cairo! Happy new year!

by Ahmed on Dec 31 2019 05:41

Awesome, appreciated 🙂

by KGheith on Dec 29 2019 19:18

Amazing and fast service, delivered on time and as expected.

by Amru Brown on Dec 24 2019 12:35

From a satisfied customer: hats off to the quality and professionalism of the service...very helpful and reliable..happy to do business with floradoor..thank u very much and keep up the good work..

by Marina Attallah on Dec 24 2019 00:04

What a great company! Wide range of beautiful and affordable flowers and gifts. The delivery happens within 24hours of placing order from Australia. I've been a customer for the past 3years and they never failed me with the quality and accuracy. They message you with pictures of your order to show you the outcome and also to inform you of the delivery time. Honestly never have I ever seen a great service like that. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! Thanks again

by R on Dec 18 2019 06:26

I’m a customer for years and they never fail! Keep it up!!
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